about Destiny

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." 
(Nelson Mandela)

Who are we?

Destiny Community school is located in Matero, a compound in Zambias capital City Lusaka. In 2001 our community was badly hit by the HIV/AIDS pandemic. As a community response to the suffering of the vulnerable children the school was founded with a vision of bringing hope and restoration to a broken community. Since then Destiny has been awarded with both a legal status and public benefit recognition by the Zambian Government.

Over 350’000 people live in Matero and over half of them are children of school age. The public schools in the area are overcrowded and the private schools ask for high school fees that most families in Matero cannot afford. As a Community School we depend on the support of the local community and donors to cover the cost that arise with running the school. 


Our Vision

To empower children through quality education to acquire critical thinking, to live a self-determined life and to break the cycle of poverty. 

Our Values

critical thinking              open mindedness

hands on learning          entrepreneurship

self-responsibility          christian morals

Our Team

Our team consists of 15 teachers who passionately teach the learners every day, and 4 supportive staff members who ensure the daily running of the school. 

Current struggles

Covid 19

Since the start of the pandemic the children in Zambia have lost eight months of learning time. 
We reopened school again in the middle of August and are busy trying to catch up on the lost learning time. 

teacher's salaries

As a Community school we do not receive support from the government and depend on contributions of the local community. But since the poverty level in our community is high many families can not manage to pay the school fees. This leads to a monthly struggle for the Managment when it comes to paying the teacher's salaries.  

school materials

Material resources are very few at Destiny. Our teachers often only have one textbook for each subject. We lack updated textbooks and teachers guides and reading books, paper and crayons for the learners. 

Despite the fact that we have very little material ressources the teachers at Destiny show great creativity and effort every day. 

Management Staff

Reverend Peter Kaunda 
founder of Destiny
Executive Director
When founding the school in 2001 it was Reverend Kaunda's biggest desire to provide access to quality education to the vulnerable children of Matero. This has not changed up to today and Rev. Kaunda invests his life into this cause.  

Beatrice Kaunda
 leader of tailoring project
 Md. Kaunda shares her husband's dream and passion for the school. As part of the school she runs a tailoring project where women from the community can learn basic tailoring skills. The goal of her project is to equip these women with a skill that could give them a chance of earning money.

Stephen Nyoni 
Head Teacher
ECE, Primary, Secondary Teacher
 With many years of experience as a teacher in ECE, Primary and Secondary Mr. Nyoni has now taken up the responsibility of the Head Teacher. He ensures that things run well and observes the teachers. 

contact details

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